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Hear what some clients have to share about their work with Andres at the Peaceful Dove Healing Center.


Like a stream of cool energy ...


"Your work is very healing and exhilarating. You released lots of tension in my body. Afterwards, when I was talking with you, I could feel my body processing the session, like a stream of cool energy releasing from various points in my body and it felt wonderful" 

IS, yoga student 


Giving myself the most loving gift ...


"When I enter the quiet, restful space of Peaceful Dove, I feel I

am giving myself the most loving gift. Andres very gently and intuitively identifies areas that are blocked, and with her healing hands lightens and frees me of constrictions--both physical and emotional. She is caring, professional and highly skilled. I recommend her strongly!"

V. Skye, editor, Washington, DC

A complete sense of peace ...


"Your treatments are very powerful. After our series, I experienced pain relief, better alignment and in improved outlook on life. While lying on your healing table, I found a complete sense of peace, tranquility and joy."

KS, accountant, British Columbia

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