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How I Work


People often come to the Peaceful Dove Healing Center for energetic and physical clearing. Sometimes, clients need their nervous system integrated, other times, they simply need deep relaxation and emotional healing in a safe and gentle space. No two clients are alike.


At the center of my work is cranial sacral therapy, which addresses many physical issues, such as misalignment, chronic stress, TMD, and structural balancing. It also unwinds stress and trauma from the emotional and physical bodies. Many sessions also include Polarity, Reiki and Reflexology techniques.


I also work with sound to clear and balance the energy bodies, as well as raindrop technique--which incorporates essential oils and light massage.


Other forms of energy healing include Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Healing Codes, Point of Origin healing, and aura and chakra cleanse and balancing.


Once stress and negative energies are cleared, many clients report they feel lighter and more joyous. More themselves.

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